Aerating your Lawn: A Metaphor for Life

As I approach my one year blogging anniversary, I thought it would be fun to share some of my early stories, that never saw the light of day, with my fellow writers.

karen draper ~ writer


Last weeks blogpost was heavy…very heavy.  It felt good to release that part of me.  An incremental speck of who I am.  I’ve been called an old soul, philosophical (much to my family’s chagrin at times), and I recently learned from a Huffington Post article that I am an introvert!  Imagine!!!

From the day I ‘birthed’ the NESTpirations blog, my wish was that it would be multi-dimensional.  That when it’s all grown up and I look back at the early years, I hope I will see that I instilled a sense of diversity of spirit and thought from the beginning.  Blogs…they’re just like us!  So in that vain, I will be downsizing, decorating, and addressing matters of both the silly and serious nature as I document this “not so empty” phase of our life.

After last week I think we all need a break.  Let’s go play outside in the…

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6 thoughts on “Aerating your Lawn: A Metaphor for Life

  1. I am not sure if a poll can capture what an extrovert or introvert is! I would hasten to say you have far more friends in your posts, especially the “peacocks” post. Truthfully, I can say I have only two best friends and two others who are distant friends. I guess people guess me to be an extrovert because I will talk to a lot of different people, but as far as collecting friends, I have always felt most comfortable with just a few special ones. I wonder if this poll was made by psychologists or psychiatrists? Smiles, Robin

    1. Actually the article was quite interesting. I think there’s a misconception that introverts are shy and quiet – which I am so NOT! But I definitely fit the description of an introvert! Who knew… As far as the number of friends I’ve always been of the mindset that I’d rather have two amazing friends than ten so so friends. So you are indeed blessed! All the best. ❤ ~Karen~

  2. And I also like the new gravatar, Karen – so you done good twice, mate ! 😀

    1. Why thank you M-R – it must be my lucky day. Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket! 🙂 ~Karen~

  3. Nice to know even we “old souls” (or so my Mom called me) can learn something. Have reblogged the original over to my…approximately two-year-old….blog. http//bythemightymumford.wordpress,com/ Congrats!!!! I find this all refreshing!

    1. Abundant THANKS, Jonathan! Glad it refreshed your “old soul” and young spirit! ❤ ~Karen~

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