I’m so happy to finally announce that my memoir, The Place of Us, will be available for pre-order very soon!

Writing this book has been such a wonderful, meaningful, and enlightening journey for me as a mom, woman, writer, and all around student of life. Having a child with disabilities changed us, and then losing that child changed us again. This book is a testament to the power of beginning again and again.

It took some bending and stretching of my soul to arrive at this juncture. A rebirth, if you will. A consciousness of who and how I was, an awareness of the layers that helped me arrive at the place of me. Which eventually helped me to live in the place of us more fully and vividly than I ever had before.

I slowly learned that if I didn’t bend and stretch my physical body as well as my inward being that life would not only bend but break me. I gave importance to unimportant things until I realized how irrelevant they were to my personal life map.

After the loss of our son my happy became a different happy that I worked fiercely to acquire and understand. I felt like a gardener trying to dig in hard, unworkable soil. With rocks at every turn. Ones that fought me back and hurt in my bones when I pounded into them. Ones that were stubborn to excavate. And somedays left me feeling so bruised and exhausted, I questioned whether my hard work was getting me anywhere. That’s when you know you’re doing the real work, when you look inward and ask the difficult questions. Excavation usually requires a crew, and I’m grateful to have had one in my husband, daughter, and dear friends and family members.

Life has surprised me many times over. In a nutshell, that’s the premise of my upcoming book. What do you do when life surprises you? My book isn’t an answer to this question. It’s more of a declaration of survival in the form of love, courage and ultimately, joy. And perhaps therein lies the answer.

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