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To date, THE PLACE OF US has received 38 – 5 STAR reviews on Amazon. Thank YOU to everyone who has read my book. Below are excerpts from some of the reviewers. To read the full review or to order a copy, please click the link below.

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Must read for parents and educators! ~ This book was deeply relatable on so many levels. As a mother, as a teacher, as a special ed educator and former special needs caretaker, I couldn’t put this down! Rebecca Deike

Important memoir of love and strength ~ This memoir was a page turner for me. I’m a mother, teacher, caregiver…Karen’s ability to enable me to “know” her son was incredible. The chapters that focused on inclusion were very well written and relatable to me from a career in education. Marj Berkheimer

Story of loving and learning along with our children no matter what we face! ~ This book touched my heart and spirit! Having lost a young adult child myself unexpectedly, Karen’s words, poems, and honest reflections resonated with my experience. Her raw and poetic way she shared her feelings and thoughts about being a mother of two, wife, sister, friend, daughter and advocate painted a beautiful picture. Highly recommend reading! Lisa Ham

This book will fill your heart and make your spirit soar! ~ The Place of Us will embrace you and your heart. Karen Draper’s telling of her life and work for her child and all children with disabilities, to be loved and accepted, will fill you up. Karen writes with passion and eloquence. You will be awe inspired by Sam and Karen’s story, told in a way that’s very hard to put down, and way too meaningful to forget. I applaud this book. Pat T.

A beautiful story about how a differently-abled boy can change the way the world thinks. ~ An exceptional memoir, poetically written and powerful. Not a book about how to raise a child with a disability, but a personal story about parenthood and the messiness and beauty that goes with raising a differently-abled child. An amazing book celebrating advocacy, humanity, and diversity from the raw and very real mouth of a mother who would not give up. Leesa Ruderman

A love story ~ The Place of Us gives so much. It’s a love story about a family. This story isn’t sad; it’s lifted into the light and is full of hope and possibility. The intimacy and challenges are raw and painful and beautiful. Karen’s wording and phrasing are exquisite. As happens with a truly outstanding book, I am a better person for having read it. Lene

A must read story ~ This story tells of an incredible journey. One of underlying strength and hope. It inspired me and changed the way I see the world, the way I see disabilities. It is an intimate look behind the curtain of a families life, raw and unfiltered. This author shared and incredible gift with us. I can tell you this – It’s an emotional ride, one filled with love and hope, and it’s definitely worth taking. Tessa

For the love of a red-headed boy ~ The Place of Us holds profound lessons in its pages. Karen and Sam’s love was a force of nature. When Preston was put in their arms to “rock into heaven,” it wasn’t long before their little 5 pound dynamo began to gain strength. Ascribe that miraculous turnabout to whatever you like, but I choose to believe it was the remarkable gravity of his parents’ love that kept Preston earthbound that day. Whatever age or stage of life you’re in, read this book. It will soothe you, affirm you, and teach you something you need to know. Joanne McCoy

A beautifully written memoir ~ This book is a wonderful instrument, teaching compassion and humanity to anyone willing to listen. While reading Karen’s story, I felt like I was right beside her. Her pain became my pain, her joy became my joy. I truly believe that everyone should read a book like this, at least once in their lifetime. I learned so much about myself, as a human, as a wife, and as a mother while reading her story. We Love Big Books And Cannot Lie

Love is Unconditional ~This perfect/imperfect red headed boy named Preston who could not talk or walk had his life’s incredible journey brought to life by his mom, Karen, who has this amazing ability to take letters, that become words, that form sentences and tell a beautiful love story that will touch your heart immensely. Karen is a truly gifted writer! I wish I could give it 10 stars! Carey Mongeon

Meeting Love and Loss through the Courage of Storytelling ~ As founder of The Memory Circle, a group and events for those who have experienced loss, this book is a certain salve for anyone who has lost a child. There are gorgeous lessons for the spoken and unspoken love of this family, the intuition and knowing of the heart and the recovery found in their grief story. Barri Leiner Grant

Raw & beautiful ~ A beautiful, heartfelt tale of love and loss. It was especially interesting to learn how the author pushed for change in the school system for children with developmental needs. I very much enjoyed the poems scattered throughout the story. Jennifer K. Irwin – Author

Riveting ~ Pure joy and pure sadness. The perfect mix to a beautiful book, starring some beautiful people. Caryn

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