A Wish Upon A Heart


In accepting this lovely award I’m going to do something out of the box. All my life I’ve never colored inside the lines. I’ve found that, often, what awaits us beyond the perimeter is where we are meant to be. My beautiful friend, Sherri, at A View From My Summerhouse, kindly nominated me for this gorgeous award. (http://sherrimatthewsblog.com).  When Sherri and I discovered each other, we realized that the layers of our life were similar in so many ways it was eery.  She is truly someone I would want to sit down with over a fine glass of wine to get to know even more. So Cheers To You, Sherri!!!! 

You will see from visiting my blog that I do not display any of the awards that I’ve received so far. And after this, I will be an award free blog.  This is not out of disrespect for the awards but more due to the fact that for me, my greatest reward is the fact that you have taken the time out of your real life to read my blog posts and based on the principles of reciprocity, we can enlighten and inspire each other.

 When Sherri nominated me she said, “This award shimmers with beauty and light as does your spirit and heart.” Which moved me greatly and gave me pause for thought.  Since this award is about the beauty of one’s spirit and heart, I could think of no better way to honor the giver of this award than to write a poem about one’s heart.


“I want to be joyful this year,”

she whispered to her heart

for I simply cannot bear

any further despair


her whole heart listened

as only hearts can do

that my dear one…

is solely up to you


the joy you seek

is in the unfolding

of each intrinsic day


and so my dear one…

when you wish upon a heart,

you must be crystal clear


it’s in how you tilt your head

at the rising of the sun

and if you feel loved

when your delicate day is done


it’s in how you wrap your arms

to encircle those you love

did you hold them close enough

yet give them room to breathe


this heart of mine you seek

is made of dark and light


the light is for the heavy days

to help you rise again

the dark is for the happy days

to keep you grounded well


just remember dear one…


I have several chambers

that are capable of much,

the rest is up to you

and your tender, soulful touch. 

21 thoughts on “A Wish Upon A Heart

  1. Firstly must say I love the new photo of you. Your poem touched my heart, in many ways. You are an absolute delight to read and to know K and I am glad that you share your beautiful words with your friends and those all over the world. ❤ hugs lovely lady x

    1. Thanks, glad you like the new pic. You know Jen, you were on my mind as I wrote this poem. I couldn’t help but think of all that you’re dealing with (as I often do). Thank you so very much for your kind and eloquent words, my lovely friend. hugs & love ❤ will email soon ~Karen~

  2. Sherri and I are great blogging pals too, and like you we share many of life’s coincidences. Congratulations on your award; your sentiments about the whole award thing mirror my own – I’m a “free zone” too! Loved your poem.

    1. Thank you kindly, Jenny. Well no wonder I like your blog! I think WordPress needs to reconfigure the entire award process – nice to know someone else feels the same way. I certainly didn’t want to offend anyone. All the best.

  3. What a beautiful gift to a giver and a friend.

    1. Thank you, Colleen. I am inspired and grateful. All the best. ~Karen~

  4. Karen this is so beautiful! I really loved it and I am sure it was received with the most beautiful love ❤

  5. Many thanks, Lorrie! It came from my ❤ ~Karen~

  6. Dearest Karen, I’m having a tear fest over here this morning. You can’t have known this but I’ve had a really tough time this week behind the scenes. So not only am I incredibly moved by your sentiments but when I came to your poem, I only had to read the first few lines and I was goner, bawling like a baby. Utterly unexpected, knocked me for six, putting it mildly. For you see my friend, it mirrored my heavy heart as I awoke this morning and so the floodgates opened. Your poetry is absolutely stunning, really, it strikes me in the deepest of places. ‘The light is for the heavy days to help you rise again…’ My heart is lifted up with your light and beauty my friend, thank you seems so inadequate… 3 >3
    (PS I will be doing the same thing with you about awards, I have thought long and hard about it for some time and I like the way you explain it here. Fully understandable, I also wanted to say that I love your new pic, just lovely 🙂 xx )

    1. My dear Sherri, the universe is pulling us together because from the moment I received your award nomination it was on my heart to dedicate a poem to you…not knowing. I’m so very sorry that your heart is heavy, my friend. Thank you so, so much for your kind words – it means more than I can say. YOU will be in my thoughts and prayers today. hugs and love ❤ ~Karen~

      1. I am truly humbled Karen, I have never had a poem dedicated to me before and I was just so moved by it. I can’t explain this connection we have, and sometimes no explanation is necessary. You truly are a gifted poet my friend but also the message behind it blessed me so deeply because it speaks to my heart in such a personal and powerful way. Your hugs,love and prayers mean the world, thank you so very much.Sometimes things weigh me down with my daughter’s troubles and so when I read your post and your poem I just sort of crumbled…but the timing was just so extraordinary and also afterwards, I did feel a lightness in my spirit…

        I wanted to let you know that I am signing off my blog in a short while for a couple of weeks and I didn’t want you to wonder where I had disappeared off to!! I’m manically trying to catch up with everything (haven’t even packed yet and we’re leaving for France tomorrow!) and I put my last blog post up on Saturday to let everyone know. I’ll be unplugged for a week (no internet where we’re going) and then the second week I really need time to get caught up with so many things I’ve put on the back burner for far too long. I’m worried about leaving my blog for so long and losing my momentum and readership, but I feel I need to do this. I will catch up with you when I return and I really hope that the next couple of weeks are good ones for you.
        Much love, hugs and blessings to you my dear friend and I’ll see you soon 🙂 ❤ xxxxxxxxxx

    2. Dearest Sherri, often the most heartfelt friendships defy explanation. We have a connection that reaches through the universe, my friend. Even though our experiences with our children are different and unique like them: there is an unspoken language that we share.
      I am so very glad that my poem helped you to release pent up emotion (I understand <3) and my smile deep down in my heart could have light up a room when I read that it eventually lifted your spirit!
      Enjoy your time off. And DO NOT think of blogging – you're a wonderful writer and we will be here when you return, hopefully well rested. My heart is full. ❤ xo ~Karen~

      1. Bless you dear Karen, I’ve just read this upon my return (and we did have a wonderful break away, thank you!) and once again you have touched my heart and soul deeply. I look forward to catching up with you as soon as I can now that I’m getting back to blogging (and may I thank you so much for what you say about my writing, you have made my day!). My heart is full of our friendship too. I hope that all is well with you and that you are enjoying the summer…we have heavy rain here in Somerset today! See you soon dear one, much love 🙂 ❤ xxx

  7. Congratulations and you truly deserved this honor, Karen!
    Your original poem was an inspiration, Karen. You wrote something that has so much meaning to me, too. I think how you expressed about the light and dark chambers of the heart, was my favorite part of this. Thanks for making the beginning of my weekend warm and fuzzy. Also, getting me pensive, quiet and ready for friends, family and a birthday party for my daughter-in-law. Hugs, Robin

    1. I liked how you made this special poem and dedicated it to the one who awarded you such a lovely award. You have outdone yourself on this one! I am so glad that you have opened your heart to people like this, who are part of our community. You can see how Sherri really received this with gratitude and thanksgiving for knowing you, Karen! Wonderful poem which embraces us all! Hugs, Robin

      1. Awwww…well thanks again, Robin. I feel very grateful for everyone in our community who share their kindness and talents, as well. hugs ~Karen~

    2. Thanks so much, Robin! I so appreciate your well thought out comments. You’re always so very sweet. The light and dark chambers was my favorite part, as well! 🙂 It sounds like you had a very busy weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun! hugs & love ~Karen~

  8. Your poem is beautiful, touching , full of love, and so is your blog. Thank you for sharing .

    1. Thank you! That is so very sweet of you…and SO appreciated. 🙂 All the best. ~Karen~

  9. Really like this. Thanks for following my blog.

    1. Thank you, John! Tis much appreciated! And YOU are welcome. I look forward to reading more… 🙂 ~Karen~

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