My anniversary reblog for this week – one of my stories that have been “hiding on the basement.” I hope you enjoy it!

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I will not tread lightly into this season of my life.  The middle season.  Between the sunrise and the sunset.  The peak season, nestled amongst the dark and the light.  I will be steadfast, enveloped by a consciousness of intention.  Bold and brave.  Soft and heartfelt, as I remember all that carried me into this season.

Some of the most precious moments of my life happened in my sunrise season – that of marrying my soulmate and life partner, and of course the birth of our two children.  The sunrise season of sacrifice and hard work.  Of dreams and uncertainty.  There are countless moments that engulf me.  Memories of snuggle time under a blanket while reading a book aloud.  Disney movies that I actually looked forward to viewing from our children’s perspective through wonder filled eyes and innocent hearts.  Cookies made from dough filled hands, as chocolate morsels dance…

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4 thoughts on “THE PEAK SEASON

  1. I enjoyed this the second time around, since every post of yours holds such depth and warmth, Karen! Blessings to you, this Saturday morning! Smiles, Robin

    1. Thanks Robin…you are so very kind. hugs and love ~Karen~

  2. This was a GREAT and heartwarming read! ❤
    Thank you for reblogging. Wishing you a happy weekend,

    1. Hi Dina! Thanks so much for stopping by! So glad you enjoyed my post! All the best. ~Karen~

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