(space) required


This mighty little poem is for all (women) – both young, mature and cozily in between.

It’s for the women fighting a physical or mental illness, the ones that are physically or emotionally abused, the ones trying to find their place in this world, the ones who have lost a child, the ones trying to have a child, the ones deployed overseas; and the ones who are fostering love, support and hope in the heart of a child, whether theirs or not.

But most particularly, on this Mother’s Day weekend – it’s for the warrior women also known as (mom). Know that this is not your (only) identity. Whether you have a supportive husband or not, are a single mom or not – we all, (each and everyone one of us) struggle at some point. And at several points. So, please, give yourself a break and stop looking at everyone’s Instagram of life, thinking its their only truth.

It’s for the women who feel like they won’t survive another day if they don’t soon have five blissful minutes alone in the bathroom. And, as well, for the women who, now, appreciate the slippery passage of time.

When you feel like you just can’t do this (life) thing one more minute; either because your favorite TV show isn’t on tonight, or you feel sad, or angry, or lost, or alone – pick up the phone, text, tweet, Facebook, or snap chat another (woman). Tell (your) story, for in the telling there is healing in being heard. Because the female human on the other end knows that (listening) is an act of love.

Please. Fill in your (    ) in this one, overwhelmingly delicate life you have to live. Some will be marred by (expletives), others will be brimming with (joy). Some will freaking break your (heart). And some, some will be blank because they’re no longer deserving of (    ) in your life anymore.

Take all the space you need! Make as many damn (    ), (    ), (    ) as you want!

My poem isn’t a lengthy one, however it’s complex in its simplicity. Just like (life).

Happy Mother’s (Women’s) Day to all!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “(space) required

  1. I love this. Women in solidarity will change the world!

    1. Yes, we will!!!! My apologies for being so late in replying to you, Sydney. I haven’t been in my blog groove lately. At all. Instead, Ive been busy working on my book proposal.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful blessing ❤ Many sweet thoughts…

    1. thanks, sweet Lorrie. Hope all is well with you. xo

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