tomorrow I STAND


I don’t consider myself political. Not at all. I’m not the person that debates politics or tries to change another human being’s political beliefs. But in looking back at my history of advocacy on behalf of children with disabilities, at my core belief of celebrating diversity – I can’t help but speak out.

I’m a hopeful person, but not today. Today I feel nothing but heaviness in my heart. I’ve never felt such a cumbersome sadness of emotion at the changing of the guard.

Why? Because I’ve never felt such shock and utter disgust at watching a man mock a disabled reporter all the while knowing national media outlets were covering him. Knowing that same man was about to be sworn into the highest office in the land.

Why? Because I’ve never felt such sadness at hearing a man speak so disgustingly about how to make a woman do whatever you want. Knowing that same man was about to be sworn into the highest office in the land.

Why? Because I heard a man speak of building a wall not a bridge. Of exclusion not inclusion. Knowing that same man was about to be sworn into the highest office in the land.

Every time I look at him I will forever see him with arms bent in spastic exasperation; flailing about like a middle school bully, showing such disrespect and arrogance toward another human being. The threads of my heart unraveled at seeing and hearing such mockery. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t un see or un hear any of it.

President Obama wasn’t a perfect president. No president ever is. But he was a man I was most proud to call my president. Barrack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were fearless leaders who I could hold up to our daughter as role models. Role models of integrity, intelligence, honor, respect for all, character and inclusion.

I cannot say that about –  that same man who was sworn into the highest office in the land. In the past, no matter whether my candidate won or not, I’ve never felt such concern and worry.

But tomorrow is a new day. A new beginning. Tomorrow I will be serious of mind, light of heart and steadfast in my beliefs.

Because the principles on which this country was founded were carried out by Barrack Obama with the utmost sincerity, class and intelligence.  And because America is great – tomorrow my daughter, Samantha, and I will take one step forward and then another and another at the Women’s March on Washington. We will march on behalf of women of all races, creed and color. We will march to promote the inclusion and rights of people with disabilities. We will celebrate diversity. We will march for the rights of people who are gay. We will march on behalf of women’s health care rights. Job rights. We will march on behalf of human rights.

Today I sit and watch in disbelief.

Tomorrow I rise to my feet.

Tomorrow I stand.

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