What of Love?

So many human hearts are confused or angry or sad or feeling forgotten. So as it always does in sad or joyous times, my heart wrote a poem. As you read, I hope it soothes your heart.





7 thoughts on “What of Love?

  1. ❤️ Karen, I hope you are well ❤️

    1. Oh my dear, sweet Jen – I hope YOU are well. I think of you often and when I do, my heart smiles. I am doing very well. I’m at 79,456 words in my book and am nearing its completion! So good to hear from you. xoxo

      1. Hugs darling, I’m so happy for you, well done with your writing. Hugs xxx

  2. Karen, touching and beautiful! I wish everyone in this messed up world could read this. Xoxo

    1. Thank you, Tina! I wish so too – something needs to change…soon. xoxo

  3. Sending you light and speedy love to complete your book! 🙂 Have you finished?

    1. Hi Madeline! How delightfully intuitive of you to ask when you did! I finished the first draft of my book on September 2!!!! We’re in the midst of happily packing to move back home to Maryland. Mid October I’ll hand it off to my proofreader; then hopefully be ready to submit manuscripts by the end of November. Sending so much light and love your way, as well❣

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