It was one year ago today that my fingers nervously prepared to hit the publish button. I chose this piece, “from the cellar,” because it best sums up our life and most accurately describes our life philosophy. It’s been so wonderful getting to know all of you and hearing YOUR fascinating life stories. I hope you enjoy the read!

karen draper ~ writer


“We must let go of the life we planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

Parents are delivered into their empty nest in a multitude of ways, across different spans of place and time.  Some run longingly, while others drag their feet.  For most it’s a chance to reclaim your house and date night, while forging a new adult relationship with your children.  Sadly, for others, it marks the end of a relationship that can no longer be sustained – a dissolution of a family under one roof.  Whatever category you fall into, parents eventually see their empty nest as a new beginning.

We are given different layers of life, each seasoned with a distinct flavor that may feel foreign to our palate at first.  Initially, the empty nest is that strange inedible taste you swear you’ll never like.

My husband, Sam, and I are…

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4 thoughts on “RAISE THE ROOF!

  1. Karen, I am so very sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine… I honestly can’t. But I appreciate your candor and brilliant spirit. Somehow you have made this take a celebration of life. Preston’s, your own, ours as a human family. I am pleased to see you are again in love with life! At any age – it is sweet.

  2. You’ve written with huge courage and that impresses me. I do know, from my own experience, that the horrors of grief become dulled to the point where you can actually think of other things; and it’s then a matter of what to do .. and the pair of you – well, you did it ! And brilliantly !
    Keep writing: maybe turn it into something bigger …?

    1. Thanks M-R! I so appreciate your thoughts and kind words. I’m actually working on a memoir (written in novel form). It’s taken me awhile but I’ve finally come to a place where I can “own” it. 🙂 ~Karen~

      1. I hesitated to suggest it, Karen – it seems so egotistially based … but it is an amazingly therapeutic thing to do with emotions that have, perforce, to be contained within one. I’m tickled pink that you’re already there, and you may find, when it’s finished, that you are able to turn it back into memoir.

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