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As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from blogging for quite awhile.  We suddenly found ourselves without a builder and have had to do everything on our own.  So we’ve been busy finding tradespeople to finish the job, gathering quotes and trying not to go insane.  I’ll do my very best to check in on all of your blogs…so please bear with me.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.”  Albert Einstein

Kim at Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons ( ) generously nominated me for the Most Influential Blogger Award!


If you haven’t visited her wonderful blog, please stop by.  She has a way of inviting you into her life: making you feel as if you’re sitting right there with her.  I thank you abundantly, Kim!

When I first contemplated starting a blog, it began as a thought in my imagination.  A practical endeavor.  I imagined what it would be like.  I imagined how many hours I would spend on it, how it would hone my writing skills and keep me accountable to write daily about things other than what I’m working on for my book.

I thought I had imagined all possible scenarios.  I was wrong.

What I didn’t imagine.  Not for one second. (if I’m being honest.)  I didn’t imagine the connection I would feel with fellow bloggers.  I didn’t imagine I would worry and pray for certain bloggers after reading a troubling post.  I didn’t imagine laughing right along as if reading a letter from a friend, while reading a humorous post.  I didn’t imagine all the long hours it would take to actually read everyone’s blogposts.  I didn’t imagine all the brave, courageous bloggers that would serve to inspire me in my journey of pursuing my passion.  I didn’t imagine that to be honest, open and raw could be awe-inspiring to the degree that it’s been.  And whether your honesty came from the harshest depths of pain or the highest reaches of joy…they all served to heighten my imagination.

I didn’t imagine that my blog would be read all across the world.  Though it’s still a humble little blog, I appreciate each and every person who drops by.  I continue to be touched and intrigued by the life stories and images that you share.

The Rules are as follows:

  1.  Display the Award on your Blog.

  2.  Announce your win with a blog post, thanking the blogger who awarded you.  This award may NOT be included together with a “basket” or a “lump” of any other awards.  It is special.

  3.  Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award.

  4.  Link your awardees in the post and let them know with a comment.

  5.  Include an imbedded video of your current favorite song (YouTube has everything) Just copy & paste into your WordPress Editor.  If a video is not possible, please embed a Sound CloudTrac.

I nominate the following bloggers who I feel have been brave enough to be completely open in showcasing the artistry of their life’s canvas.  It is through their transparency and imperfections that allow me to see beyond, to the beauty of their imagination.  You inspire me to work harder and to dig even deeper.  Thank You.  And Congratulations!!!!

Special acknowledgements to Don Charisma, the originator of the award.











I’m sure it comes as no surprise that my song of choice is John Lennon’s “Imagine.”  Without imagination we are merely words and photos and humans that are but one dimensional.

23 thoughts on “Most Influential Blogger Award

  1. Oh my goodness! I was reading this, going to say, “Congratulations, my dear!” And, I found my name amongst such lovely people. I am, like you, so continuously surprised at how much I really care about my fellow bloggers! It is truly unexpected that you are passing on the wonderful award nomination for Most Influential Blogger. I feel blessed and grateful for you, as a continuing friend. Thanks so much and Congratulations to you!

    1. You’re welcome, Robin! 🙂 I am delighted to pass this award on to you! And I feel blessed and grateful for you, as well. I’ll be popping in and out, as we have about 6 weeks worth of work left on our house. I’ll stop by to visit as soon as I can. Hope all is well… ~Karen~

      1. So glad that the time is finally given in weeks instead of months, Karen!! Yea!! Soon, you will no longer have a ‘packed’ life! It will be an unpacked and much more calmer life!
        I wanted to also say, your choice of song was impeccable! I love ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon, too! Hugs, Robin

  2. Oh K you sound so busy, sorry that you have had to rush around as you are doing. Congratulations on your Award and to all the nominees. Your posts are written with such strength and beauty and yes you have been missed. Hopefully you can return to the fold soon, so that we may read and admire your words once again. Hugs xx

    1. Ahhh…dear Jen. I can’t wait to pop over to your blog to see what’s going on with you. I do hope things are going better for you. My posts will be sporadic as we attempt to finish the house in 6 – 8 weeks. Thanks for your kind words, Jen. Love and Hugs (I need to email you) ~Karen~

      1. If you wish to email that is fine Karen, I hope you aren’t run off your feet too much. It’s never fun with building or renovations. Hugs ~ love to you my friend ~

  3. Thank you so much!!!! Congratulations to you and everyone YOU have blessed with this generous award! 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Colleen! You are most deserving of this award. I love the transparency in your posts. I look forward to catching up! 🙂 ~Karen~

  4. Congratulations Karen on your award. How wonderfully you put the reality that you found blogging to be after you thought you had worked out all possible scenarios. I too feel the same way and although it was totally unexpected it was also the joy of blogging. The problem of course is lack of time. Hope in your time away you were successful in finding the necessary tradespeople and the job is now done. Welcome back and thank you for the nomination. Cheers Irene XD

    1. You are most welcome, Irene! I still wrestle with blog vs. book, as if they were two demanding children screaming at me simultaneously. We have about 6 – 8 more weeks of work to finish our house. “Almost” there! 🙂 ~Karen~

  5. Thank you so much – you are very kind!

    Welcome back and I hope that all is sorted now with your house. I haven’t been posting (or reading) much, either. Been busy dealing with myself as I had more (possibly) bad news about my heart. Have to have another test, which isn’t until August 16, and the wait for definitive results is both tedious and worrisome. Arrgh!

    1. You’re very welcome, Lynette! You are most deserving! Sorry to hear you have to have more tests done and yes, waiting is. the. worst. Praying for a healthy outcome. xo ~Karen~

  6. I am thrilled and honored that you nominated me for The Most Influential Blogger Award. I hung on to every word in this post in which you describe the joys of blogging so well. I’m the same way – I started blogging with few expectations, but ended up with making so many blogging friends, learning so much about writing…and LIFE… from these friends, that blogging has become a separate wonderful added entity in my life. A while ago I decided to not put these awards on my blog for many reasons, some of which include that many of my followers are not bloggers themselves and don’t understand/care about these awards, but mainly because like you, I spend my time between blogging AND writing my next novel, so I need to delegate my time and my posts. However, I would have liked to have mentioned this award in my next post on Friday, which is about “failure.” BUT I am placing this award and the link to your post here on my Roughwighting Facebook page. I think you’ll find you’ll get many new visitors! Thank you, Thank you. xo

    1. Abundant THANKS for your kind words, Robin! It’s truly amazing what “gifts” we receive when we allow ourselves to be open to receive them…and you are one of them!
      I don’t display the awards on my blogroll either, in fact after this I will be an award free blog.
      Delegating time between the book and blog has always been a struggle for me. I feel that lately my book is the needy child crying in the corner. So soon I will have to make some decisions as to my priorities.
      Thanks for the link, that’s very kind of you! xo ~Karen~

  7. Congratulations, Karen! A well deserved award indeed! Thank you for the nomination, it’s very special coming from you! xo

    1. Apologies, apologies for my delay in responding, Jill. I’m currently torn between two houses! Ugh! It was my absolute pleasure to nominate you! I love your writing and your blog! Congrats! ❤ ~Karen~

  8. Dear Karen, first Congratulations for your award, and second many thanks for passing on your kind nominations, and third so sorry to hear you have been having a nightmare of a time with your building project..
    I am sorry I am only just acknowledging it but I have had some me time out from my blog..
    Yes the WordPress Blogging community is truly like family and its so good to have made so many friends from around the globe… And its truly wonderful to meet and greet and share in their lives… We are after all ONE BIG FAMILY… The Human Race… ..

    Blessings and many thanks for your wonderful award.. Sue xox

    1. Thanks, Sue! You’re very welcome! As you can see our house has kept me very behind in responding to comments…we’ve been laying walnut flooring. I’m glad you enjoyed some me time – we all need that! Glad to know you and to welcome you into this great big family of ours. ❤ ~Karen~

      1. Thank you for your welcome Karen, and I hope you will also be patient with me as I travel the WP world in bursts of activity and lulls of silence as Life has to come first 🙂 Take care
        Sue xox

  9. Congratulations on your award 🙂

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