“I learn, by going, where I have to go.”


I went for a walk on this beautiful spring morning, to wrap my head around that which I couldn’t define.  What was affirmed again and again: is that in the stepping away from what had been put before my eyes and ears the last many weeks, by replacing that reality with imagery untainted by recent events, gave me a brighter, clearer insight.  I stood ready and refreshed, knowing, at once, what I could and couldn’t fix.

Spring’s early risers, heralding promise and brightness – bring with them a clarity and vision that somehow, without really changing anything…sets things right.

Often the best getaway is wherever your mind can take your heart.  A brief respite for the soul.

7 thoughts on ““I learn, by going, where I have to go.”

  1. now that is soooo gorgeous! thank you for sharing the beauty x

    1. Thanks, Himani – and welcome! Always so wonderful to meet a beautiful soul. Be well. ~Karen~

  2. Seasons bring on different emotions, the bleak and grey of winter draws us inside ourselves. The warmth of spring or summer, lightens our spirits to view the world a different way. I am happy that you can look on the beauty of the day and as you wrote and have found a little respite for your soul. Breathe in the spring ~ smiles and hugs x

    1. Thanks, Jill. Beauty is always found where we look with our heart. Be well. ~Karen~

  3. Thanks, dear Jen. I so appreciate your wise words…yes, the seasons always evoke different emotions. Autumn is my fav! Like you, I will work through this frustrating time -“you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit…” One of my life mantras. Hope you’re doing well. xo ~Karen~

  4. Over and over again, I find nature’s beauty and resilience quite inspiring! Karen, your words are filled with all kinds of renewal and rejuvenation! I am so glad this walk helped you in so many ways! Take care and enjoy your vacation in Maryland! I love the East coast, my grandfather’s father settled his family from Sweden in Rockport, Massachusetts. I had so many wonderful trips there and was so blessed to spend my 16th summer in my Great Aunt and Uncle’s home and worked in their Tuck’s Pharmacy. (It is a throw away from Bear Skin Neck and Motif # 1 (not sure of the # part! but that red lobster house that you see on all kinds of calendars!) Hugs, Robin

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