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Like most of us, I balance my other life with working on my blog: trying hard to make it the very best it can be, while staying true to myself.  So when I discovered I’d been nominated for a blogging award (I never win anything!), I was both surprised and very appreciative.  Many thanks to Robin at who nominated me for the Shauny Award way back on March 14!  Due to a plethora of construction emergencies of the human and house kind, I’ve not been able to respond. I offer an abundance of thanks, Robin – what a bright light you were after a dismal and frustrating time.  I absolutely adore her blog.  It’s filled with inspiration and humorous realities of the “fifty-something life.”  If you haven’t checked out her blog, please pay her a visit.  And if you’re not familiar with Shaun Gibson, the inspiration for this award, please pay him a visit at

I smiled a very ironic smile when I discovered the origin of this award.

My life, like Shaun’s was changed by a life altering condition in the form of our firstborn, a son.  Born with Cerebral Palsy, he possessed more lessons and light in his being than his little newborn body could hold.  So the universe conspired to let us have him for an all too brief twenty-three years.

Since his death in 2006, my husband and I have worked hard to find peace in grief by finding joy amongst the living.  A journey that led me to find my writer’s voice.

This messy, beautiful, hard process known as writing…the one that sometimes makes my knuckles white as I bend another sentence out of them: is also the one that extends my far reaching fingers to touch and feel as I never have before.  The one that has opened what was once shut down.

Thanks to this new community I happily find myself in, as well.  One that is truly inclusive.  I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to know fellow bloggers.  I’ve missed reading your blogposts and look forward to catching up.

I love being part of such a supportive community of creatives!  I’m constantly inspired by the originality and talent that abound.  I’ve never had a pen-pal and now I feel as if I have many – like I could call you to meet up for a drink if I ever found myself in your hometown.  I feel embraced by friendship and kindness.

Okay, first things first –  Rules for accepting the Shauny Award:

Show humanity, show love, be yourself, don’t be others, don’t gossip, and share this award with ten others.

In keeping with the tradition of community that I hold dear, I would like to nominate the following bloggers.  They are all uniquely wonderful.  I celebrate their excellence and diversity!

Shauny Award Nominations:



6 thoughts on “The Shauny Award

  1. This was such a great acceptance post! I appreciate that you have it completed and it is very nice, too! I agree with your list of people to nominate, too! I have nominated dear Beth a few times, but she is a busy gal, like you, and finds her own special way of accepting awards! I am so honored that you enjoy my writing. I find your openness and the way you share the joy and pain of having a son with cerebral palsy, awe-inspiring. I am sorry about your loss (his light lasting only 23 years…) I wish I could express myself better about the subject. I taught preschoolers with special needs and had one little guy, we would combat crawl to the circle, kids, physical therapist and teachers together. We took him outside in a wagon. He was a brave little boy! I heard he finally got a remote controlled wheelchair. I am sure I will think of your son in that context, since I have a picture in my mind of him. Take care and hugs, Robin

    1. I knew there was something extra wonderful about you – you’re a teacher! He indeed taught us many things, for which at times we were unwilling students. If you go to my ‘Music of Acceptance,’ post you can see him.
      I can’t imagine having to go to the library to write or post – I admire your dedication, Robin. I would totally stink at that. Looking forward to catching up with posts.
      Be well, my friend. ~Karen~

      1. I appreciate your saying I have something “extra wonderful,” Karen! (9 years from 1999-2008 were my teaching an a.m. and p.m. integrated preschool with 8 children with special needs and 4 “typicals” in each.) As far as the library… I had a younger daughter who lived with me after she tried her ‘wings’ beyond college. While she was with me, she and I shared her computer, which she paid for, I paying for the Wi-Fi and cable. Once she left, in October, 2013, I decided to walk to the library, get out and about, not be ‘glued’ to the blog. I have ‘holes’ in my following up and reading others’ posts. I am afraid, I would be quite addicted to checking my blog. Had I not ‘shared’ hers, though, I may never have started this adventure! I am so glad that we can play ‘catch up’; when we get a chance! Watch out, though, summer will definitely ‘pull’ me away with grandchildren visits and trips to the park! Hugs, Robin

      2. As far as I’m concerned…teachers and nurses rock. Enjoy playing in the park, Robin! 🙂 ~Karen~

  2. Karen, what a beautiful acceptance post, please forgive me though for not accepting as I made the decision not to accept Awards some time ago, mainly due to time restraints and unfortunately even more so now. I wish to thank you though for your kindness and nominating me. It is humbling to know that readers enjoy what I write and that is all that I need, so I hope you can understand. I follow some of these beautiful people already, we are such an amazing community and I never dreamed when I started blogging that I would have the opportunity of meeting new virtual friends and have them read what I do or be amazed by their lives and what they write. You are a courageous and thoughtful woman whom I admire. Your beauty shows us all that in life we experience so much, heartbreak, love, joy, friendship. Your son made his imprint in the immenseness of this world and though we never met him, knew how he lived or what was so special about him, his footprint was made and will remain. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart for the nomination and being so kind and generous in your comments in what I write. Hugs x

    1. oops – reading backwards this morning. haha I completely understand, Jen. And thank you for your kind words and friendship. I believe that each and every person is put in our lives for a reason and I am thankful to know you (albeit virtual).
      Hope “things” turn around for you soon. Be well. ~Karen~

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