Today I will spread my wings


to the possibilities of a rebirth

 of bright colors and concepts

 crystal clear

images imbedded in my brain

 set free

against the warmth of promises

offered to those who dare to


9 thoughts on “OPEN

  1. and may this be today and all your tomorrow’s…

    1. Thanks, Jen! Fingers crossed and all that good stuff! And to you, as well.

  2. This was a cheerful and fun post! I like your word choices! Smiles, Robin

    1. Thanks, Robin! Mary Oliver always inspires me! ❤

  3. Mary Oliver is one of my all time favoite poets. Thank you for sharing this. I named Oliver’s “Dog Songs” as one of the best books of last year. Here is the post if you want to see what I said. I would love to hear your opinion:

    1. Thanks Darian, for liking my poem “OPEN!” I am a big fan of Mary Oliver, as well…I think of her as a very open thinker/writer, hence the poem’s title.
      I apologize for my late response – construction emergencies kept me away. I look forward to visiting your blog.
      Be well. ~Karen~

    1. Thank you kindly, Alex. That really is Mary Oliver “in a word,” isn’t it! ~Karen~

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