The Courage of a Snowdrop


Shedding winter’s skin

seems an improbability these days


yet a gladiator of spring

brings forth promise and joy


it’s hardened green tipped leaves

break through to winter’s ground


a delicate white sheath


unfurled to face the harshness

of the frozen ground below


a mighty warrior


spring’s rebirth pushes forth

against the fortitude of winter


a contrast of sorts


spring’s heralding blossom

gently bends the fickle wind

of winter’s last hurrah


a tiny being amongst immensity


I’ve caressed the delicacy of its bloom

and honored the strength within its grasp


embracing an eternal spring


the inextricable human condition

holds within it


the courage of a snowdrop.




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5 thoughts on “The Courage of a Snowdrop

  1. Beautifully penned – I liked the gladiator reference.

    1. Thanks! We’re all gladiators at some point in our lives- aren’t we?

  2. Ode to a snowdrop! I love this poem! It has the words ‘caressed the bloom.’ It is such a wonderful image of enjoying nature. Smiles, Robin

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