Aerating your Lawn: A Metaphor for Life


Last weeks blogpost was heavy…very heavy.  It felt good to release that part of me.  An incremental speck of who I am.  I’ve been called an old soul, philosophical (much to my family’s chagrin at times), and I recently learned from a Huffington Post article that I am an introvert!  Imagine!!!

From the day I ‘birthed’ the NESTpirations blog, my wish was that it would be multi-dimensional.  That when it’s all grown up and I look back at the early years, I hope I will see that I instilled a sense of diversity of spirit and thought from the beginning.  Blogs…they’re just like us!  So in that vain, I will be downsizing, decorating, and addressing matters of both the silly and serious nature as I document this “not so empty” phase of our life.

After last week I think we all need a break.  Let’s go play outside in the grass! Like we used to.  The philosophical (old soul) me will be there as well.  She seems to come along whether she’s invited or not.  I just can’t shake her!  Actually, I think I need her.  She points out things I might have otherwise missed.

As I stand on the lawn of our rental, I see no splendor happening in this grass. It looks sad and lifeless.  It seems no matter how carefully it’s mowed and raked it can’t absorb the love.  It’s pointless pouring nutrients on it because it’s impenetrable (clogged).  The grass, like us, needs to be prepared to receive so that it (we) can give something equally meaningful in return.

I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Dorothy Solle – “If my hands are fully occupied in holding onto something. I can neither give nor receive.”  Guilty as charged.  Sometimes my philosophical (frenemy) just can’t let go of something.  It percolates and percolates until it has steeped so long it becomes bitter.  Unsalvageable.  The pungency of its acrid taste, so unwelcome as it lingers, I throw it away, wondering why I spent so much time on something totally useless.  Lesson learned.

The much used proverb -“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” is popular for a good reason.  Reality rarely looks as bright and green as our perception envisions it, often clogging our reality.

As my husband and I initially adjusted to our new life in Virginia, I heard the ‘grass is always greener’ mantra rotating loudly in my head like an old push mower.

Several months ago, on a trip back to Maryland, the noise in my head was finally squashed like a bothersome housefly that had taunted me one too many times.  After we’d dug up family flowers at our old house, the new homeowners graciously invited us in for a drink.  As Sam and I listened to them proudly talk about THEIR house, the burden of my perception had been freed. This house, our old family home held precious memories for all of us.

It was like a beloved childhood toy we didn’t want to part with, but knew we had outgrown.

Standing in our old kitchen, surprisingly, a calm came over me.  I realized that what I carried within me was all I needed.  My new reality looked brighter. Clearer.

This past year has been a growing year as we moved away from what we knew and loved.  From warm and comfortable.  I’ve learned that comfortable can also mean compacted and unable to receive or give.  Stagnant.  I discovered, in my heart of hearts, that there is no right or wrong side of the fence.  And all I have to do is extend my hand – to the other side.

There is only the ground upon which I stand.  And it is up to me to aerate my soul and feed my spirit.

Let the photosynthesis begin.  Stand with both feet planted firmly on your lawn, discover what tickles your toes, eliminate the weeds, and ignore the pesky bugs.

Another glorious Fall season is fast upon us!











19 thoughts on “Aerating your Lawn: A Metaphor for Life

  1. So, so wonderful. And it was perfect for me today. Thank you, Karen.

    1. I thank you kindly, Marj! As I begin this difficult yet wonderful journey of acknowledging my passion, I am so inspired that my words resonated with you! Thank you! Thank you! ❤

  2. you are a wonderful writer, and I enjoy your philosophical spirit/posts 🙂 I discovered your blog via wonderful Debra Kline Rebro! 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Thank you kindly, Dondra. Deb is a sweetheart of a friend! I’m so pleased that my writing reached across the fence into your world!

  3. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you
    penning this post and also the rest of the site is very good.

    1. Thanks so much! And I appreciate your inspiration as I strive to reach out “over the fence.”

  4. Reblogged this on NESTpirations ~from our not so empty nest and commented:

    As I approach my one year blogging anniversary, I thought it would be fun to share some of my early stories, that never saw the light of day, with my fellow writers.

  5. wonderful words karen, and the prefect metaphor

    1. Thanks Beth – it’s much appreciated! ❤ ~Karen~

  6. This caught my eye because I have just drafted something similar actually. I haven’t tortured myself appropriately to even think about hitting the “publish” button but it is in the wings. Metaphor is all around us, isn’t it, if we just pay attention. Lessons to be learned at every corner.

    1. Well good luck with your metaphor piece. Hopefully you won’t torture yourself too much! It is all around us…we just need to be open to it. All the best . ~Karen~

  7. Beautiful, Karen. I’m glad you shared it again so I could read these wise words of yours.

  8. How perfectly apt for my situation at the present too my lovely K ~ beautifully written as usual and sage advice or can that be words? Hugs xx<3

    1. Well my dear Jen…YOU are the reason I chose this particular piece. After reading your poem, I’d been thinking of digging some old posts ‘out of the basement,’ and this seemed appropriate for both of us. I needed the enlightenment, as well! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so very much, my friend! hugs & love

      1. You are most welcome and I am chuffed, so thank you. Hugs to you lovely lady ❤

  9. I felt like this was written for me!! I am at a crossroads in my life now and your blog was just what I needed at this time to help me while I am working on moving out of my comfort zone and creating new energy! Thank you 😃

  10. Thank YOU abundantly! I’m so moved by your comments. There is nothing more gratifying than to be told my writing meant something to another person. ❤ I'm sure that once you 'arrive' in your new comfort zone, you will find a plethora of new energy! Wishing you the best of luck on your journey. 🙂 ~Karen~

    1. Thank you Karen!!!!
      I must remember that it’s not just the destination but the journey itself!!!
      Cathy x

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