“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

imageMy husband, Sam, had business in Reedville, VA yesterday, and asked me to come along for the ride.  I hesitated at first, thinking of all the things I needed to accomplish.  But of course, spending time with the husband ❤ and the prospect of a new adventure won me over.

Traveling with an open mind’s eye leads one to interesting places.

 It’s true – looking past the obvious frees you, both mentally and physically.  Indeed, it’s all about being open…we don’t call it the open road for nothing my friends!  During our trip we passed through several small towns and old established tree lined neighborhoods that looked as if they were fresh off a movie set. We stopped at a fairly unassuming antique shop in a tiny town whose Main Street consisted of two blocks.

 Upon entering the shop we were met with the typical kitschy nicknacks, but after further exploration we found some gems that made me smile out loud.  My husband laughed as he heard me use a phrase he’s come to know all too well when I’m “beyond” excited – which is LOVE LOVE!!!  Yes, I LOVE the thrill of the hunt as much as I LOVE finding treasures for our new house!

At the end of our day we meandered down one more street to look at the houses by the water.  As we neared the end of the street we spotted a restaurant along the water’s edge.  Again, it was rather unassuming, but we decided to take a closer look.  We sat outside overlooking the water while we refreshed our palates with cocktails.  We dined on fresh oysters and soft shell crabs as we watched boats and kayaks go by.

 It was a gem of an ending to a summers day that saw many things in a new light, once again.  Our hearts and minds are officially refreshed…and ready for the next adventure!
Building our NOT SO EMPTY NEST isn’t just in the act of construction.  But also in the art of layering colors and memories.  Combining inspirational pieces with thought provoking moments throughout our home is a decorating necessity for me.

Part of the thrill of hunting for treasures is in knowing that every time I look at a found item, I won’t simply be looking at a decorative piece, but a memory.

Found treasures are breathing spaces that decorate my soul.

2 thoughts on ““One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

  1. love love love sharing these new chapter is your lives… you are truly living…. that is so important in these days of uncertainly…. explore…enjoy…share …..

    1. Thank you so very much Teresa! You are my first “official” comment! I feel as if I should take you out for a drink next time I’m in town! My journey through all that has been, and now into the world of being vulnerable through my writing has been amazing beyond words. Thanks for your support. ❤

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